Sapatos ni Ginoong Tama

August 31, 2008

Here are some of the things I learned from shoes, beginning with the idea that searching for the right shoes is directly proportional to searching for Mr. Right.

Don’t waste your time looking for the perfect shoes. You shouldn’t look for perfect shoes; you won’t find them. What you should look for is the pair of shoes that are perfect for you. That’s different. Mr. Right isn’t Mr. Perfect. You choose which you want to have. Just a tip, though: the search for Mr. Perfect would soon prove to be futile.
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August 30, 2008

Who will you choose:

The one who makes you laugh, or the one who doesn’t make you cry?

I’ll probably choose the one who makes me laugh. I’d rather be hurt than be bored. Ennui will kill me. At least I feel something when I’m in pain. And besides, people also cry because they’re happy. Happy tears.


Reading: The Bridge Across Forever, Richard Bach (recommended by my hon)

Dear Parents:

August 29, 2008

This is a picture I took about a year ago. The shot isn’t straight because a sales clerk was looking at me while I took the picture. He didn’t say anything so I figured it was all right to do it. Hehe.

I took one look at the sign and thought about a less obvious meaning. Do not neglect your child–and I don’t mean just in Powerbooks. Sa panahon ngayon, sobrang dami nang threat sa magandang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan.

I’m an antithesis, though. I’ve been neglected, and yet I haven’t tried smoking or doing drugs–and I haven’t actually drunktikim lang. XP I don’t think it was neglect, anyway. I think it was freedom. But then, I’m a child; not a parent.

for you

August 22, 2008

We were watching The Wedding Date (movie) on TBS and the movie just ended. Here’s a quote that absolutely struck me:

“I’d rather fight with you than make love with anyone else.”

**I crossed out the words because the message is not applicable to me yet. Haha.