Great Weekend

June 21, 2009

Last last night until yesterday was the highly anticipated Diliman Invasion. The Diliman chapter of Pascalogs were supposed to be invaded by the UPLB chapter, the DLSU chapter, the UST chapter and UPM chapter. Alas, only the UPLB and the DLSU people came. But that was enough. We had so much fun!

We (Bords) were supposed to meet them at TriNoMa, because we told them to just take the mrt and get off at North Ave, which is just outside (or is it considered in?) TriNoMa. But they went straight to UP. After meeting them, we went back to the apartment so they could drop their bags before we head off somewhere to eat. We ended up staying longer than we planned. Then we went to Technohub and ate at Yellow Cab at around 8:30pm. We were kind of arguing where we wanted to eat, and I was getting more and more hungry and annoyed by the second, so I said, “Sige, Yellow Cab na lang, ako na bahala.” The eruption of joy or whatever that followed my statement was deafening. [read on…]


June 16

June 16, 2009

First day of classes!

I was in first year high school the first (I think) and last time this happened… until today. It’s weird having to introduce yourself to class and then mentioning your birthday since it’s required, and telling them that uhm, it’s today.

So, uhm,my birthday is actually today. My eighteenth birthday! [read on…]