Surprise, Surprise

August 16, 2009

‘Was preparing to go to my aunt’s. Went downstairs a bit to watch the denouement of 17 Again with C on her desktop. Phone rang, but continued watching and didn’t really bother about the call since I don’t normally get phone calls (on the telephone, that is). C answered the phone. Then she gave the receiver to me. [read on…]


Happily in love

August 14, 2009

kinilig ako.

Sometimes I forget that I’m just 18 years old. I took this quiz in fb and guess what, my mental age is more than twice my age. Of course I shouldn’t believe something as trivial as that, but it is a bit disturbing, don’t you think? [read more…]


August 6, 2009

..wala lang, i just want to tell you i’m so happy and it feels so right being inlove with you. it’s a wonderful feeling, i can’t help but smile just by merely thinking about it.

…i love you so much, hon. i really and honestly do. and i’ll always stay this way inlove with you.

i miss you, hon..
wala lang, i just want you to know na iniisip kita ngaun, tulad knina at nung mga nakalipas na oras pa.

What’ll you do when you receive these messages?

Ano pa, eh di indulge!

ang gandang pambungad nito sa umaga. haha. i love you!

…pambungad sa umaga? haha! parang national anthem ah.
gnun talaga, truly, madly, deeply inlove with you eh.


Fb stat asked, what’s on your mind?

lalalove? hahaha. XP

I can’t effin’ sleep. I was so sleepy a few hours ago. I wasn’t able to stay up and I fell asleep at around midnight. Then I woke up two and a half hours later. Now I can’t go back to sleep.


I feel so busy these days, and then so not. I’ve been complaining before that I have so much time. Then I joined an org. And now I don’t have time. Now I do, since I should be asleep by now but I’m not.

I really didn’t plan it. I had this principle, see. I thought that if some org wanted me, then they should get me; I didn’t want to be bothered to apply. I didn’t want to apply, I wanted to be invited. I thought, if they didn’t invite me, then they don’t need me, hence, I don’t need them either. But I am applying to an org now. [read on…]