The grades for 6 out 0f my 7 classes  (not counting PE) are in. And I’m not happy. Neither am I sad. Just nothing. I feel so mediocre.

Of course, I’m saying this based solely on the grades and not even taking into consideration how high the prof’s standards are, or how lax the methods are so the students don’t learn anything properly and are not even tested properly.

Then I sneaked a peek into my friends accounts (shh!) and saw their grades. I really shouldn’t be complaining. Buti na lang di ko itinuloy ang balak kong magshift to Engineering; baka naiiyak na ako sa galak sa grades ko ngayon. (Do I need to explain this? Nah.)

Whatever that last grade would be which of course depends on my prof’s whim: be it giving 1.25, 1.5 or 1.75, CS ako this sem. Didn’t even improve.

Me = GC na tamad


Finished it. We ended at past 6AM of the day after the scheduled end. Walang tulugan yung magdamag na yun. In about 40 hours, I’ve been awake for more than 37 hours. I deserve this sleep. Hehe. Good night. XP



October 21, 2009

I’m officially done with my second sem. Whew.


Too bad that has to wait for a bit. Now I’ll just lounge around and have my well-deserved rest.

I’m half excited, half apprehensive about my camping-slash-retreat-slash-living-in-a-cave-slash-detachment-from-reality. I better rest my brain for the hard thinking.

I don’t know if that was one of those “walang gullible sa dictionary” moment or they’re telling the truth, but they said someone went insane from that. Ooh. Good luck.


On a different note, we were eating out Monday night and I was hit with this strong nostalgia. I miss our car. *sniff*

Sem Ender Blues

October 15, 2009

It’s this time of the year again. Tomorrow (if they’ve finally become efficient with schedules) is the target release of the results of the first batch CRS.

My course only have two—TWO!—professors for our next step on the academic ladder. Though I think that’s an improvement from only having ONE class for this class this first semester. At least next semester, there would be three classes. But I haven’t heard anything worthwhile about these two professors. Even when I’ve resolved to choose the lesser evil, it’s still hard.

Ang hirap talaga pag na-Encanto ka.

I mean, I had my first two journ majors under Dr. Encanto, and then this!

Gahd. [read on…]

Dalawang bagay lang: *** at Para kanino?

Matandaan, maintindihan, maisabuhay mo lang ang dalawang iyan, mauunawaan mo na ang lahat. Liliit na ang personal mong problema dahil matatabunan ng pangkalahatang problema.

Dapat pupunta ako sa diskurso noong nakaraang Linggo. Nakapunta naman ako. Bagama’t huli na sa itinakdang oras, pangalawa pa rin ako sa naunang dumating. Ilang minuto pa, nagsidatingan ang mga magiging kamag-aral ko. Napagkwentuhan namin ang nangyari kahapon (bale noong isang Sabado). [read on…]