Crammer extraordinaire

August 31, 2010

Done with Simmel, now on to Mannheim. But first, a break!

I was supposed to report Simmel On Culture today. It’s a collection of Simmel’s essays on various subjects. 295 pages. I was only able to read 70 pages of it. But I was able to, well, report beautifully, so to speak. Haha.


So I knew my report from the first day of class. I have borrowed the book 4 times, but was never really able to read it. Last Tuesday was the last day of the report on Max Weber, and next we’ll move on to Georg Simmel. But I knew I was the last report on Simmel, so I knew then that I will be reporting on Tuesday, which is today. I didn’t ask Sir Gerry because I thought I can do it next meeting, Thursday.

I had a deadline on Thursday, and so I crammed it on Wednesday. After procrastinating the whole night and writing the article for about 2 accumulated hours, I finished it and I was able to sleep at around 3am. My alarm woke me up at 7:30am. I closed my eyes again. When I opened them, it was 9am. SHIT. My Socio171 class it at 8:30. I was absent and was not able to consult about my report. Tsk.

Sir Gerry said that I won’t have to report the whole book, just a few selected essays. So I texted Sir Gerry the next day, e-mailed him last Saturday, sent a facebook pm last Sunday, and texted again last Monday, asking which essays I’ll need to highlight. No response. I decided to just read whatever I could, then choose concepts I wanted to elaborate on. I just predicted which essays Sir Gerry is likely to pick from Simmel’s works and if I liked them, I included them.

I had class and org things last Saturday. Procrastinated all day last Sunday (I did read about 25 pages of the book). Had a whole day org thing yesterday, and got home exhausted. To add to that, I was lacking sleep because I couldn’t sleep last Sunday night, and was only able to sleep at around 2:30 am of Monday, then I had to wake up at 4am because I wanted to squeeze about 30 minutes of talk with the person who was the reason I couldn’t sleep before I prepare for the 6am call time for the org thing. I can’t be late because I was the one who set the time. Haha. Turns out I was still 15 minutes late because there was hardly any ikot jeep that early in the morning.

So when I got home, I was thinking that I’ll just write a couple of paragraphs on the required summary seminar paper (handout) then I’ll go to sleep and wake up early to finish. But my nature just can’t stand sleeping when I’m facing a deadline, so I finished it. I got home around 7:30. At 9pm, I was reading up on the article that I wanted to include in the report, but my eyes are already drooping. I stopped reading, got up from lying on my bed, gritted my teeth and did my paper. I scanned the pages for things that I can include and support my arguments. I didn’t include anything I did not understand.

I also got a lot of help from the internet. Thank goodness for books and papers written about Simmel.

For the first time in months, I was earlier than Sir Gerry in class. The other reporter wasn’t there yet, so I went first. As instructed, I read the seminar paper. Then Sir Gerry asked if I wanted to elaborate more. I expounded on the things I mentioned. I talked for a bit and was assessing Sir Gerry’s responses. I thought I was doing a good job. Then I said, “Sir, pwede bang tirahin ‘to?” He told me to go on. I also asked, “Sir, pwede bang haluan ‘to ng bias? Kasi sabi ni ganito… As a ******* mali eh.” Because Simmel was irritating. I actually said it! I said, “…nakakainis, kasi…” Haha.

After my rants, he helped me synthesize what I was saying, then said, “magaling yung critic mo.” Yey! Haha. Actually I didn’t critic Simmel just to critic him and just for the grade. I was really annoyed with some of his ideas. He’s post modern and individualistic. But yes, I do agree that he’s good. He’s like Nietzsche. Kung anong gustong isulat, yun ang isusulat.

It was also one of the reasons why I didn’t read the book—I was too annoyed to keep reading. (Mannheim seems like he’s also annoying. If he’ll be more annoying than Simmel, I don’t know. I half hope he would, so that I may have a lot to say as critic of him. But I also hope he won’t, so that I may finish the book. Haha.)

Since the other reporter didn’t show, the floor was entirely mine, and so Sir Gerry asked more questions, and I’m so glad I was able to answer all. Satisfactorily, too. He was nodding and agreeing! I hope I get a good grade on this. I need the UNO. I have a couple of profs this sem who some say are “nagdadarts ng grade,” so I need an UNO to be able to ensure my GWA. Hee.

Next report will be Karl Mannheim, about three weeks from now. 495 pages.

Oh the art of cramming.


Oh La Vie

August 16, 2010

I was telling my friend while we were walking around Katipunan earlier tonight that you can only have three flourishing aspects in your life at a time.

Right now:

  • Acads – check
  • Family – check
  • Organization/Social Life -check
  • Love life – +_+

Because before, about a month back:

  • Acads – check
  • Family – +_+
  • Organization/Social Life -check
  • Love life – check

So he said, what if:

  • Acads – +_+
  • Family – check
  • Organization/Social Life -check
  • Love life – check

And I said,

  • Self – +_+

You can’t have everything.

Why the heck did I put work there? I don’t work.

Ikaw ba, meron?

August 12, 2010

Someday, answering “No, I have none.” to that question won’t be as painful as it is now.

Someday I’ll move on.

Someday I’ll be able to answer that with a happy “yes.”



Whatever happened to “walang karapatang mag-emo this week”? ‘Was washed away with San Mig Light.

Is it me?

August 8, 2010

Out of the blue, A texted.

Friend:  Kumusta?

Me: Ha? Bakit?

I get weirded out when someone asks how I am. I guess I’m not used to it anymore.