September 29, 2010

‘Won consolation prize at the Ekitoryal. If I remember right, I placed 8th out of the 85 contestants (ranked 5th on the consolation prize, plus the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes). Not bad, I suppose. But I was hoping I’d at least get the third prize. 10k din yun. Haha. May pambili na ng bagong phone. :P

Not that I need a new one, and not that I can’t ask my Dad for it. But since I’m asking for a DSLR, I suppose the phone will have to wait. Tsk. Pwede kong ipilit pero wag na. I’d just rank up the value (sentimental value, that is), and then if it gets stolen again I’d be more depressed.

On a side note, I just love Rosas ng Digma on violin. Hee.


Hurrah for my Streetdance PE. It was okay, I guess, to think that the class only finished the dance last meeting. The call time was 2pm, but we were asked to come two hours earlier so that we can practice. The friends I made in the class and I decided to meet two hours earlier than the two hours so that we can practice before the practice. It ALMOST sufficed. I think I did better than I expected, even though it wasn’t perfect.

I was a dancer back in elementary, kind of lost it when I was in high school, and so in college, I wondered if I still can. Out of coincidence and desperation, I e-preroged Streetdance as my PE, and the rest is history.

But AGAIN, “This deserves a full-blown blog entry, but it’ll have to wait.” Sigh. Sem, please end soon.

Still have to finish my report. :(

Tough Choice

September 16, 2010

Last Thursday, I watched the UP Pep Squad’s practice with some other friends.

It was a good decision, too, since as it turned out I missed the CDC last Sunday because I went with my family to Baguio and I wasn’t able to be back in time for the CDC. Hence the unused upper box A ticket. The ticket I waited in line for more than three hours, and missed my major class for. Sigh. But I’m over it. I just resolved that I will only miss the CDC if I’m dead by that time. [read on]

Cramming Extraordinaire Part 2

September 15, 2010

So I said that after Simmel, I’ll go on to Mannheim, but first, a break. BUT NAH. There was no break. I reported last Tuesday, August 31 . Then I learned that Mannheim will be reported the next Tuesday, Sept. 7. MERCY!!!! Good thing the other guy who’s also reporting on another book of Mannheim asked Sir Gerry if we can report next Thursday, Sept. 9. So Pareto went first, and then Mannheim. So there. But last Thursday I was only about 5 pages into reading the 381 pages of Mannheim. I said 495, but the rest were all bibliography. So did I finish the book? Nope. I read more than I did with the Simmel report, though. Turns out I was more prepared with Simmel. Tsk.

[read on]