Of Looks and Other Demons*

September 10, 2010

Recently my classmates and friends have been complimenting me with “sexy” and “cute.” Haha. I took it all on stride, smiling timidly, laughing, or shrugging it off, depending on who was giving me the compliment. I don’t really think much about looks. I just want to look okay enough to face everyone and not be ashamed of how I look. I don’t compliment people on looks, either. I’d rather compliment someone on his/her intellect, creativity, or artistic ability than compliment his/her looks. I’m trying to change this, though, so I’m trying to compliment people on their looks as well, because I know that giving such notice cheers people up.
Still, I don’t delve too much about my looks. But one compliment kind of pleased me. One pretty classmate of mine greeted me in class yesterday morning with “Hello, my beautiful classmate.” To which I replied, “Haha. What.” And then I went back to reading Mannheim.
I bring my laptop with me every WF because I didn’t want to print the textbook for that class (or the short stories for the next class), so I always sit at the back. She always sits at the front row. Last Friday, after we were dismissed and while I was putting my laptop in my bag, she looked around and saw our other classmate who was across her, and then me, who was two rows behind her. She looked kind of confused, I think she mixed us up. Then as I passed her on the way out of the classroom, she said to me, “Ang ganda mo.” I was a bit taken aback, so I was only able to smile and say thanks before I hurried out of the room.
Kasi naman, she’s so pretty. And I actually liked her sense of style. She’s so lady-like, with the classic style that I still haven’t tried to pull off. My style is more of a choice or a combination of gothic/lolita (childish)/anime/jap/casual/sexy/girly style. Haha. I have tried preppy once, but I haven’t done it again. I thought I’d stock up on preppy clothes first. To be complimented by someone you are kind of in awe is like, hmm… awesome.
I do feel more confident than before. I mean, I definitely have better taste in clothes now than before, and I’ve ditched the glasses, so I guess I definitely look better. But I’m still not that comfortable in saying that I’m pretty. Well… Let other people say that. LOL JK
*Title from GGM’s Of Love and Other Demons

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