Rest? What rest?

November 14, 2010

What a week. And to prove how haggard and stressful it was (or is, since even though the week has ended, the haggardness is still continuing?), I’m sick. At first it was just a sore throat. Then the occasional cough. And now I have colds, too. Oh well.

My week is a bit hazy already, what with all the things that have been happening and all the things that we’re anticipating to happen. Hmm, more like planning to happen. Segue: I’m excited for Nov. 18, when the fratmen will barricade AS, reminiscent of the Diliman Commune. Haha. That should already give you an idea as to what will happen in a few days.

Anyway, to officially start this rant, I am pleased to announce that the thing I said I was working on last post pushed through and I am now taking 21 units for the FOURTH time and also taking my FOURTH socio subject under Dr. Gerry Lanuza. I’ll give you a moment to digest that. Haha. [read on]


I’m home sick

November 11, 2010

As in, I stayed home and I’m sick. All day. No, I don’t have class on Thursdays. Yes, I skipped org duties, cancelled a meeting, and asked someone to fill in for me in another meeting.

Must have drank about a gallon of water all day, and it’s still not enough. I wish I can drink water forever. But since I can’t, I have to content myself with taking a sip every couple of minutes or so. [read on]