I’m home sick

November 11, 2010

As in, I stayed home and I’m sick. All day. No, I don’t have class on Thursdays. Yes, I skipped org duties, cancelled a meeting, and asked someone to fill in for me in another meeting.

Must have drank about a gallon of water all day, and it’s still not enough. I wish I can drink water forever. But since I can’t, I have to content myself with taking a sip every couple of minutes or so.

I have sore throat, I don’t have cash (nts: withdraw extra cash for emergencies), I don’t have prepaid load, and my internet is effed up. I also skipped all of my meals all day, and lived on biscuits and bread. What a day.

I also didn’t do anything academically productive, because, as always, I feel miserable when I’m sick and I feel that I should not be doing anything but bum around. Which I did. I tried to catch up on the loss of sleep the past few days, but I couldn’t stay asleep for more than several minutes; my throat hurts too much.

The only highlight of my day is that I’ve downloaded gossip girl s04e08 and Chair is back.

Oh, and: may sakit ka raw ha. Pagaling ka.

from a person I don’t like like, but made me smile anyways. :) And the others who posted on my fb wall.

I wanted to post an update on my sem, but I guess I’ll wait ’til Saturday, when I’ve met all of my profs and when something I’m still working on pushes through. No Thursday class but yes Saturday class. But it’s THE Dennis Sabangan, just like last sem it was THE Eleanor Agulto, so I’m sort of willing.

Tomorrow I’ll be back. I was on a roll, and I sort of stopped today, but tomorrow I’ll be back on track. Regardless of my health condition. Motto for this sem? Go lang ng go! I’ll elaborate next post. :D

I’m actually pretty happy, despite the fact that I waited a whole day (I was up early) and night for nonsense. Hmm. This is why I kind of choose not to talk even when I want to. On a related note, I don’t get what the big deal is about talking only when I want to talk and not talking when I don’t want to talk. One may argue that it is different in relationships, but I disagree: People in relationships can opt not to talk when they don’t want to; just that they should always want to, and that’s the challenging part, I suppose.

I’m rather annoyed that I already told someone that I am sick and yet that someone didn’t even seem to care to ask how I am. Oh well. I have other people who are concerned about me, so I suppose I don’t need anyone who don’t care. Other than that, I’m pretty happy.

*I’m not homesick. To even think that I am is a joke.


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