Rest? What rest?

November 14, 2010

What a week. And to prove how haggard and stressful it was (or is, since even though the week has ended, the haggardness is still continuing?), I’m sick. At first it was just a sore throat. Then the occasional cough. And now I have colds, too. Oh well.

My week is a bit hazy already, what with all the things that have been happening and all the things that we’re anticipating to happen. Hmm, more like planning to happen. Segue: I’m excited for Nov. 18, when the fratmen will barricade AS, reminiscent of the Diliman Commune. Haha. That should already give you an idea as to what will happen in a few days.

Anyway, to officially start this rant, I am pleased to announce that the thing I said I was working on last post pushed through and I am now taking 21 units for the FOURTH time and also taking my FOURTH socio subject under Dr. Gerry Lanuza. I’ll give you a moment to digest that. Haha.

This sem, I’m also taking 6 units under THE Yvonne Chua, J105 Investigative Journalism and J121 The Newsroom, only two of the hardest subjects in the Journalism department of UP CMC, and also the hardest subjects under Prof. Chua… who is probably one of the best, and hardest professors in our department. There are only five of us who are doing this, and she asked us to really think what we’re doing. She said that students try not to take two classes under her in the same sem, others take her every other sem. In her words: “alam nila na matrabaho ako.”

Stories about her are abundant. How the current EIC of Kule dropped her J121 a year ago, but that’s because she’s taking care of her Magna cum laude standing. How the average grade of the class was 3 point something. How the highest grade in that class was 2.0.

I never thought I would be in this situation. I have not taken any class under her prior to this sem, not that I didn’t want to, but because CRS hadn’t been good to me. But I was set on taking J105 under her, because that’s her forte. I got it, but in consequence, I didn’t get a J121 slot. So they petitioned another class, and they talked to her. She told my classmate that she does not teach J121 anymore (because of the dismal end of her last two J121 classes the year before), but then she gave a schedule.

I was thinking of changing mat even while we were waiting for her inside the classroom. I wasn’t scared of how hard the class will be because I know all of it will be worth it. But I was worried about my org duties, and about another plan that will find light next year. I know I can do both, but what I’m worried about is that I might not be able to do both well. Sigh.

Anyway, so the 21 units. I actually enrolled only 18 units this sem. I was done with my assessment before lunch last Nov. 5, Friday. I went home, took a nap, and then woke up to a text telling me that the schedule of Socio172 is moved from WF 11:30-1 to WF 4-5:30. My CommRes101, the one we petitioned for, is F4-7. DAMN.

But I had a plan. I checked the CRs101 classes and found that there is still a slot in the F1-4 class, the one I really want, and I waited for Monday. Monday came and the slot, I was told, was reserved to Comm Res majors. I cancelled my Socio 172 and paid my tuition. Proceed to plan B. I got two change mat forms. I added mat the Socio172 last Wednesday, and then waited ’til Friday. Like I thought, the lone slot was still there. Went to the Comm Res department and pleaded my case again. Got the slot, changed mat, went to the Socio dept to add mat the 172, went to that 1-4 class, was dismissed early, went to the OUR to have my change mat assessed and paid, and was just in time for the Socio172 class, which I was already enrolled in. My life is nothing if not exciting.

That’s just the academic part.

Last Monday, I was supposed to be resting and savoring the last bits of my nonexistent sembreak (I had org things over the sembreak). But I was up very early to enroll. Then I had a GA-sem planning with UJP. After that, another GA-sem planning with Acad Core. Tuesday: classes from 1-7pm. Wednesday: class at 8:30, so I had to be up early. Then we stayed up late because there of some prodwork. It was also raining, and even though I had an umbrella, I chose to be rained on. Sometimes I get so stupid.

The sore throat started Wednesday night. By Thursday, I was sick and bedridden. Just the sore throat, but with slight fever and nausea. I had a meeting, an ED which I was supposed to teach, and a GA. Yet I was feeling too miserable that I texted them to fill in for me at the meeting, cancelled the ED, and missed the GA.

By Friday I didn’t know if I was feeling worse or better, but regardless, I went to class and proceeded with my Plan B. after class, there’s the application orientation, and after that I met up with my classmates to watch Chassis, required for a class.

Yesterday, Saturday, we had no class because the professor is in Japan. But we’ve scheduled a BMEx to the IJM Workers Union kubol at ABS-CBN.

Today, I was supposed to be asleep until 11am, but I was up as early as 9 because of the noise and the construction going on downstairs. I had a 12noon meeting, and I just got home.

And tomorrow, we’re doing something early.

This is just the first week. But, I don’t know, if not or the cough and cold, I would say that this week is okay. There’s no sense in saying that I will regret that I took 21 units this sem, 6 of which under THE Prof. Chua, because I was already regretting it even when I was still holding my form5a. But now I’m enrolled and paid and it’s all done, so I guess I should just live with it. Or die with it, which is more likely to happen. But I’m excited, actually. Excited to surpass this huge challenge.

And, yes. I don’t really know what rest is anymore.


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