Risen from the dead

September 12, 2011

Well, no, not literally.

After almost a year, here I am, writing in this blog, again. I haven’t been writing blogs. The closest to that would be my status messages on Facebook.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy. Acads, org, council. Yeah, I’m part of the student council now. And I’m so damn busy with this month because we’re having our flagship activity: Mass Media Awareness Month. And I’m one of the Head of the Mass Media Awareness Committee. Oh yes. As if I needed more work to do. But the OC and bossy person that I am, I ran for the position and got it.

I can say I’m juggling things well. Still getting good grades. Still on top of my extra curricular activities. I did suffer a minor setback a couple of months ago, thou. I’ll elaborate next post, prolly.

SO why did I come back?

I don’t know. I suppose it’s connected with why I left. I left because no one really reads this blog, and those who read this blog aren’t really people I would like reading about my experiences and thoughts. But now, after almost a year, I realized I’ve moved on and don’t give a damn about those issues anymore.

I also read through the blog recently because I needed to submit a column. I dug through this to find anything interesting, added a couple hundred words to the blog post and submitted it. Not my best work, but what can I do? I was too tired.

That’s also when I realized I like reading my writing. And years from now, I will want to read about what’s happening to me now. So here I am, writing again. For me. For my future self. Hello there, future self! Are you happy? If you are, then great! If you’re not, then why the hell aren’t you doing anything about it? Happiness is a construct, you know. SO CONSTRUCT IT! :P


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