(Status) Updates

September 24, 2011

From last night to this morning:

Nabiktima ng giant higad kagabi: 3 inches long, half inch in diameter. Grabe lang yung mga tusok-tusok na naiwan sa wrists ko. Ang kati pa rin hanggang ngayon. T_T

Yep. It’s higad season in UPD once again. I was in a concert on the 2nd night of the STRIKE AGAINST BUDGET CUT at the AS Steps, texting, when I looked down at my stomach and saw a big caterpillar. Excuse me while I shudder. I panicked and had my orgmates remove it from my shirt, it had a death grip, mind you, and then ran for my life to the nearest store to buy water to wash my arms that were beginning to itch. When I looked at my wrists, they have black thorn-like hairs stuck from the caterpillar and I had to remove them all as fast as I could because the mere blowing of air on them results to painful itching. Afterwards, I went home to shower, take Loratadine, which I still have, thank goodness, and rub alcohol all over my arms. Then I went back to the concert. Di nagpaawat. LOL

A day of firsts: first time magmarch FROM UP DILIMAN TO MENDIOLA, MANILA (13 kilometeres, 5 hours!) at first time magplank (kasama ang sobrang daming mga estudyanteng lumahok sa strike against budget cut sa mendiola).

Kanina habang pinupuno ng hanay mula sa mga unibersidad sa Maynila ang kabilang panig ng Morayta, hinihintay kong matapos ang bugso ng mga tumatakbong mga estudyante… ngunit hindi sila naubos. Ganun karami ang sumama. Ito na talaga yung overwhelming eh. Kanina rin ang first time kong naiyak sa mob.

SOBRANG EPIC NG ARAW NA ITO! Wala na akong masabi. Whew. My legs are sore and it’s kind of painful to walk and to flex my thigh muscles, but it was so worth it. Naluha ako sa mob dahil sa dami ng tao. First time yun. Nasa ilang libo yung sumamang naglakbayan galing UP Diliman hanggang Mendiola. Mas marami pa sana kung di nagcancel ng classes ang mga profs.

Drafted an outline for a news analysis on budget cuts for J103. Umabot ng 350 words. Agit?! Umagang-umaga eh.

THE LVT assigned the topic last Tuesday. Buti na lang budget cut! Sobrang naagit ako kahapon kaya marami akong masasabi. Tapos dinedeny pa ni Noynoy na may budget cut. Hello! Mismong DBM document kasi yung proof namin. This paper is due Tuesday, so I suppose I will do this Monday night. Hehe. Dapat bits lang isusulat ko, pero marami akong naisulat. Kapag nakakuha ako ng mataas na grade dito sa paper na ‘to, I will post it.

Reading about relationships going downhill reminded my why I ended my 3-year relationship. Sometimes you just can’t help falling into a rut. And if you’re not happy anymore, why stay? Life’s too short to waste time wallowing in misery.

Well. Sad but true. Masaya rin naman yung nasa isang relationship. Pero kung mas madalas na yung lungkot kaysa saya, aba, malaking problema na. I feel that right now I’m incapable of loving someone romantically. I suppose I will find a relationship where I can feel “forever” again. But I’m not wasting time waiting for it. LOL


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