Pleased to meet you!

Mayuichan is a moody 17-year-old who currently resides in the (US and is counting the days until her flight back to the) Philippines and is dreading her flight back to the US to spend a two-week vacation with her biological nuclear family. She’s proudly Pinay, although she’s not impressed with the current government—or even with the former regimes, come to think of it. She’s been called weird and impractical for choosing Philippines over USA, but wth, she’s allergic to the US air and she can’t do anything about it. She loves getting what she wants, and she wants to come home—though right now, home isn’t where her biological nuclear family is. Journalism student from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She still loves to get what she wants, but has learned that she can’t always have it, so she has learned not to want those she can’t have. Her current philosophy in life is that it’s too short to waste time wallowing in misery.

All of her previous blogs have not been well maintained. This is actually her 3rd blog (4th, if you count her multiply). And she intends to update this as often as she can. She loves reading and writing. She’s aware that she has a long way to go before she can parallel the bookworms and writers of the world. She’s read lots of books and written lots of things, but she knows she needs to do more to be more.

Yikes! She’s terrified of ipis. That’s actually one of the things she doesn’t miss about living in the Philippines. But she knows she can always buy a gallon of Baygon if she wants to. She’s also afraid of :zipit: and of growing old. She thinks that she’s going to die when she’s become senile and is no longer physically active. No, scratch that. She wants to die before she becomes senile and physically inactive.

Eternally moody, she’s predictably unpredictable. She likes change. She just doesn’t like goodbyes. And lies, she hates lies. She’s a tension of opposites. She likes getting her wishes granted. She’s a self-confessed brat. She’s straightforward, and can be brutally frank. Her teachers tell her she’s a good critic. She’s a good listener—if the person is worth it. She’s also quite helpful and loyal, just don’t betray her trust.

Come play with her if you have time. If you don’t, go away. She made this blog for herself, not for you. You’re entitled to your opinion, but if your opinion doesn’t respect—not (necessarily) coincide with—hers, then you shouldn’t be here.



7 Responses to “Hajimemashite!”

  1. lilmiz said

    wow you don’t sound 17 ha hehe.. thanks for making daan sa bahay ko.. welcome to WP (belated :D ), masaya dito :)

    ahaha.. eh ano po, older or younger? salamat din po. :D

  2. lei said

    Douzo yoroshiku, mayui. ^^
    To be honest, I really thought you’re mocking me. Haha.
    Anyway, I guess we’re pretty similar in some ways, specially in “Asianovela craze”. Care to share some series? lols. Hey, you’re here in states too right? which state? don’t you think it would be fun if we meet some time? Again, nice to meet you and take care. :) nice blog btw.

    gomen… ahaha.. that’s why i said i wasn’t, because i also thought i sounded that way. :D
    hmm.. series? i love these:
    jap: hana yori dango, hana kimi, honey and clover, kimi wa petto (matsujun kawaii!!)..
    korean: my girl, endless love, to marry a millionaire, princess hours! stairway to heaven, it started with a kiss.. i think you’re more informed about these. konti pa lang napapanood ko eh.
    i’m in CA. wah, opposite coasts. so i think it’d be impossible for us to meet. you take care too!
    oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. u’ve a nice blog as well.

  3. lei said

    napanood ko na nga. haha. pero di na muna aq masyadong nanonood ngaun, syempre kunyari, nag.aaral. haha. Niwey, I’ll link you up. Hope we’ll be friends even though through blog lang.

    I’ll visit you again. :)

    sabi na eh. ahaha.. sure! ako rin, update ko na links ko. *eks-di*

  4. da juan said

    Very funny ang pag ka describe mo sa sarili mo

    Wow, thanks. I try not to be boring.

  5. kengkay said

    nice to meet you :)

    likewise. :)

  6. KB said

    oooh. how nice. ang sayang bisitahin ng jikoshoukai page mo. wala lang. ngayon ko lang nabasa ulit eh. humabol na din sa comments… haha. XD

    wokei. iniisip ko nga kung papalitan ko na yan eh. kaso katamad… >.>

  7. ayoko din gov’t dito sa pinas, gusto ko dyan, hehe ingat!

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