I know I said I don’t judge people on looks mainly because I care more about brains rather than beauty (and that includes how I think of myself) but, from time to time, allow me to gloat. In the middle of a Facebook chat, my guy friend suddenly sprung this:

nakakawindang profile pic mo

We were talking about Game of Thrones’ Cersei and how I just realized she was also the queen in 300. He said she was also in the Sarah Connor chronicles, so I googled that and saw Summer Glau and that’s when he suddenly said that so I asked WHY and then proceeded to blabber about how Summer Glau was also in Dollhouse without waiting for his reply. Which was this:

geek goddess siya
nakakawindang dahil ang ganda mo

THE HELL  <<my reply O.o

tangappin na ang compliment, pwede?

and then while I was typing “er thanks” he added:

sexy pa

So my reply was a big NGE. And then I proceeded to talk about Summer Glau.

We are such a funny pair. :))

Hmm. Well, okay, the purpose of writing this isn’t really to gloat but to preserve the memory of how, in the midst of all my worries, you’re keeping me sane–even though we both don’t know how to comfort people. So allow me to sift through our chat and copy-paste this bit:

you just don’t make friends with people you don’t genuinely like. and i’m flattered to be included in that exclusive circle. that’s what’s going to make me cry.

wanna have a synchronized crying session over two different timezones?

I am really honored. Thanks, B. There–you can cry now, I won’t tell. I’ll just say “there, there.” HAHAHA

*In reference to this previous post.


Succumbing to gloom

November 25, 2011

FB stat: Random epiphany: I see all these artworks and compositions and I think, these people are so talented. I can never draw or take a photo or write like they do. :( #midlifecrisis

Then a good friend messaged me:

B: hey
Me: hey
B: how art thou?:)
Me: artless
B: don’t fret about such things. :) you’re special.

Aww. Really. But it didn’t take the gloom away. If writing can move mountains, then why can’t I move a single person?

Twists and turns

October 2, 2010

I was in a meeting earlier tonight when he texted.

Mang Inasal mode.hahaha.

wahh. kagutom.

Haha.. Kain!

in a bit. nasa mtg pa ako para sa…


Pangtanggal lang ng stress. Madami ko problema. Kesa uminom. Mas sulit ‘to. Hehe

gusto mo samahan kita? [read on]

Tough Choice

September 16, 2010

Last Thursday, I watched the UP Pep Squad’s practice with some other friends.

It was a good decision, too, since as it turned out I missed the CDC last Sunday because I went with my family to Baguio and I wasn’t able to be back in time for the CDC. Hence the unused upper box A ticket. The ticket I waited in line for more than three hours, and missed my major class for. Sigh. But I’m over it. I just resolved that I will only miss the CDC if I’m dead by that time. [read on]